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As a long time professional life and business coach, I am uniquely qualified to help you achieve your goals. All you need to do is decide what your goals are and when you want to achieve them.

The ironic thing to me is, whenever I’ve taken on a new business client, the first thing they want to work on is their marketing.  Of course that does make sense, because sales and marketing is what brings the money in.  After that they can worry about customer service, reputation, branding, etc. – even though most of the time these things work together to bring in the sales.

We constantly add more services that will help our clients.  Once you’ve tried one of our services, and gotten to know me and my team, I’m sure you’ll consider some of these other services to boost your business as well.

Here are some of the main services we offer, but keep in mind, it is not a exhaustive list.  Not only that, but we often will do things for our clients that is outside of our normal realm of business.

Because we care and we want to help you grow your business, not just make a buck!

Felix Futuri Business Coaching
Well since this is my oldest service, it should go first.  After leaving IBM, and running two successful companies I joined a coaching organization and got certified. If you are familiar with Action Coaches, the founder Brad Sugars is the one who trained me.

That was 15 years ago, and since then (11 years ago) I also went back to university study to do my Masters in Business Administration.  This is not meant to be a resume, but to point out that not only am I qualified to both coach, and consult – but I have been exposed to almost every industry.  If I had to pick a few that I am most familiar with, I’d say Information Technology and Real Estate; possibly Finance as well.

    There’s not that much explanation needed as far as what a coach can do for you.  Coaches help you:

  • achieve your goals in any area of your business.
  • find solutions to problems.
  • maintain a healthy balance in your life.


Wedge-In Media Authority
Wedge-In opens the door for you, to bigger things. You may have a dream that you think is just out of your reach. Perhaps it’s a book deal, or a media appearance, or speaking engagements at high rates. If you are basically a brand, and want to take the next step in your brand building, you really need to get Wedged-In to the Media.

    If you’ve ever been to a publicist, you know that paid publicity can get quite expensive and many times it’s more to the benefit of the agency than you professionally.  What we do to help is:

  • Get you media citations in four of the largest networks in the USA.
  • Teach you how to use your media authority to gain even more media exposure.
  • Show you how to get more leads for your business with your new found status, as a cited media authority.

Video Creation and Editing
It’s pretty common knowledge in this day and age that video is king.  Studies have been done on current trends, and predictions all point to at least 80% of all web traffic being video based by the year 2017.  That’s where your business needs to be to reach their customers.  Marketing is changing.  No longer can you simply broadcast your brand and message.  Now you must entertain, and draw your target market in to you.  It’s a very different paradigm and those who get on board will be the leaders of the future.  We offer video creation and editing, for introduction videos, promotional videos, explainer videos, and outros.

      No doubt you’ve noticed the prominence of video content on the internet these days.  All the big brands are paying big bucks for professionally produced TV ready commericals, even if they only intend on posting them on their YouTube channel.  What we can offer is:


  • A short, cinematic style intro video that you can place at the front of all of your promotional or explainer videos.
  • Explainer videos, and promotional videos.
  • Animation, presentation, or cinematic style.

Business Intelligence
The most successful companies of the future will need to know how their message is being received by their market.  If you don’t know, you’ll miss out on opportunities for new products and revenue streams, or miss out on a problem that will cost you marketshare or the whole business.  Knowing what you customer thinks of you is crucial in this information age market.

    Business Intelligence and marketing research are the bread and butter of the cutting edge businesses of today.  We provide and guide you to find:

  • Where your optimum price points lie.
  • Market segments you may be neglecting, or opportunities you’ve missed.
  • The relative strength of your brand as opposed to a competitors.

Marketing Education
Most clients are so busy with their business that they really don’t care to learn about online marketing, social media, etc. But others know that the skills learned will serve them well into the future, and will enable them to avoid expensive outsourcing projects.  Even if you never plan on being a marketer, isn’t it a good idea to at least have some knowledge so you can supervise your team, whether external or internal?  Marketing is that important.

    Marketing education seems to be a cacophony these days.  There is as many marketing experts as there are grains of sand on the beach it seems.  Results are what drives good marketing, so with that in mind, we can help you:

  • Formulate a holistic plan using all channels as efficiently as possible.
  • Protect and expand your brand into new channels.
  • Integrate design, customer service, and publicity into a tightly woven marketing strategy.

Information Product Development
I wish I had a dollar for every entrepreneur that told me: I don’t know anything about making an “Info Product,” that’s just not my thing.  Please be assured, almost EVERYONE who has worked for five years or more, has an Information Product right in their heads.  Information Products are simply solving problems.  Did you clean up that green pool filled with algae?  Then it could help someone else too – make an product.  Have you learned the guitar? Well other people are learning too, there’s another Info Product.  Team with us, and we’ll help you get started, keep you on track, and then market it with you.

    We really enjoy this service the most.  As a coach, I love to see people do things they didn’t believe themselves capable of.  Partner with us to develop and market your new info product by:

  • Quickly and efficiently getting the information out of your head.  That’s the key step isn’t it!
  • Author or co-author the product, keeping you in the loop enough for you to monitor accuracy and quality, yet not putting undue demands on your time.
  • Test market the product, find joint venture partners, and organize a launch.

SEO and Reputation Management
Personally, I’ve done SEO since before it was called SEO.  That’s not to brag, its more to understand why I personally am a little jaded about it.  Let’s just call it a necessary evil.  But I see so many entrepreneurs who build their business around Google, only to find out that the big G can be a fickle beast.  My approach is doing what works, but don’t focus on it, and make sure your marketing is diversified.  You don’t want your business to have a single point of failure, even if it is Google.    So we will do that for you, and help you come up with a plan that will protect you from the whims of Google.

    Honestly, we do not do this very often.  Usually it is just as a favor to an existing client.  If you already have an aged domain, competing for high value keywords on the first page of Google, there are other firms more specialized we can recommend.  Or we can give you a step by step plan that you can outsource. However, if you have a newish site, or project and need a strong foundation of ranking and keywords, we would be happy to help get you started.  Some of the things we’ll do in this case is:

  • Keyword research.  Make sure you are getting traffic by focusing on keywords that are relatively easy to compete for, before going after the highly competitive ones.
  • Provide you with a guide to doing on-page optimisation.
  • Share with you a plan to get consistent high quality backlinks that will be safe from any future Google algorithm changes.

If you see something that you think will help solve your problems, please say hello, and let us know how we can help.

P.S.  We do have the capability to do a bit of graphic design as well, if that’s what you need.

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