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We have information products of all kinds to help you achieve your goal of online self-sufficiency. Whether it’s traffic, domain or site flipping, public speaking, or a local consultancy…we have tools and products to get you there. We also do offer a few services, such as our media authority service.

Superfast Lisbuilding
    Superfast Listbuilding will help you build a list:

  • Quickly – because you follow a plan made by someone who has done it before.
  • Conveniently- because we give you not only 12 videos, but transcripts and audio so that you can learn at your pace, and your preferred place.
  • Effectively – because you get to keep everything, and review things as you go.  If you forget anything you will still have the videos, transcripts and mp3 files to reference.
This 12 video series is really effective in helping you get going and getting a massively responsive list.

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The Link Wheel System
    Link wheels are a key part of link building, which is paramount to good seo.  This course teaches:

  • What a link wheel is and why you should have one.
  • How to find content for your link wheel.
  • How to ensure your links stay rather than disappear after a few days or weeks.
If you’ve never made link wheels pointing to your money site, then you are in for a big surprise.  If you have then you know how effective they are and you’re ready to learn how to do them properly, and save time or money by outsourcing them.

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Auto Blogging Riches
    Auto Blogging is a way to automate the posting of content to your blog.  This course teaches:

  • Different wordpress plugins to use, and how to decide which one.
  • Where to get the best content.
  • How to explode your profits by using automatic blogging.
If you’ve been looking for a way to build up passive income, this is for you.  It’s not a get rich scheme, it takes time and work but you can build a whole network of blogs that automatically post and bring in affiliate commissions while you sleep.

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Membership Site Secrets
    Membership sites are a great way to build passive income.  This information product teaches:

  • Picking a good membership site script or plugin.
  • Choosing the best niche(s).
  • Providing content and retaining members.
This is another great way to build up passive income, and your efforts build on top of one another.  Of course it doesn’t happen over night, it takes time and work – but you can build up quite a passive income in a short amount of time.

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Media Traffic Gold
    Media buying is a type of paid traffic that is often overlooked.  Check this out to see:

  • How to do demographic research to laser focus your ads.
  • Which sites are the best to buy from, and advertise your banners on.
  • Where to get your banners and other ads designed.
Whenever a marketer talks about paid traffic, they are usually talking about paid search advertising – such as Google adwords.  There is a whole world of places and networks that you can advertise and get much better ROI than Google adwords.

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Ninja Marketing Backlinks
    Backlinks are a necessity and an integral part of seo.  This course will cover:

  • A clear and concise blueprint for finding the best backlinks.
  • Where to find “link juicy” .edu and .gov backlinks.
  • Automation tricks to save you time.
Backlinks become very tedious after a while, if you’re doing them yourself.  If not, they can get expensive, and you really can’t be sure what you’re getting.  Bad backlinks can hurt your rankings.  It’s much safer to learn how to do them right.

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Social Bookmarking Backlinks
    Social bookmarking is not only a good way to get backlinks, it also gets you indexed in Googles search engine really fast.  You’ll want to discover:

  • Effective social bookmarking.  It’s not just a case of more is better.
  • Where to get free tools to save you time.
  • How and when to outsource.
Whether you want something new in the search engine index fast, or simply want to bring in a lot more traffic to your web site, social bookmarking has been shown to be one of the most effective tools in the seo toolbox.

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Turbo Traffic
    Traffic is the lifeblood of every online business.  Even if you sell tangible products or services. To ensure your business success, you will want to learn:

  • How to become an “internet idol” and bring in traffic easily.
  • How to create a magnetic online personality that attracts customers, partners and a rabid following.
  • Using video, blogs, social media to support your efforts.
The easiest way to get a flood of traffic is to develop a long term strategy of becoming well known, liked and trusted on the internet.

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