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Internet Marketing with Felix came about through my coaching business. I had to learn Internet Marketing to keep alive, and also because I realized I could help more people online than one-to-one coaching.

So on this site, we will do what most people do, and talk about information products, and trends in the market.  But we do want to have some topics that will come up more often than others.  Issues that are near and dear to my heart – scams, deceptive practices, and security.

Because when someone is starting out, they are like fresh meat in a shark tank.  And a lot of marketers are sharks, to be sure.  I really want to help others avoid some of the pitfalls that *I* experienced with getting outright ripped off, or being tricked, or getting low quality products and software.  (Plugins!!!)

We are always willing to consider working with other businesses of a high ethical standard.  We did not brand ourselves as ethical marketers because we simply like being called hypocrites :)

We truly believe that you can be an effective marketer without being overly deceptive and tricky.  There’s a balance, and finding that balance is a daily challenge.

My team, and I will stand behind our simple core values, which are:

Core Values
  • Do what you say.
  • Say what you do.
  • Protect the interest of the consumer, visitor, customer.
  • Keep an open mind, and be flexible.

Internet Marketing with Felix


So if there is EVER anything I can do to help you, and your business, please do not hesitate to ask.

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