Our first goal is to get to know each other better and that starts out with our “Lucky Library” newsletter.  It is a true subscription, just like there used to be with magazines.  It is free (yet valuable), and we send tips, tricks, videos, free e-books, product reviews, anything of value we can find.  We will help folks get going and make enough money to support themselves in what ever lifestyle they are aiming for.denver seo expert_luckylibraryBIGtransparent275x234

We also love to find out what you need, as an individual or company.  We do that through listening first, but we solicit feedback primarily through short, and hopefully fun surveys.  Of course we are always grateful to hear from our fans and customers – and enjoy rewarding them for their efforts with more free things or whatever else we feel will help you.

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1ec411c6825826f5_150_emailSecondly, we team up with experts in different areas who may have great solutions, but are not versed in creating information products or marketing them.  That way we can benefit the market by getting information to more people at usually a much lower price point.

Sometimes, someone who charges consulting or coaching fees in the thousands but can only help a few people at a time with the limitations of time, can use an information product to help much more people by leveraging their knowledge in the market with a well placed information product.

So..How can we work together to solve your problems?

Information Products
    Information Products solve problems:

  • Quickly – because you follow in the footsteps of others who have had the same problem before.
  • Conveniently- because they are delivered to you in a number of ways, multiple media types, etc. All so you can use them when you want to at your convenience.
  • Effectively – because if anything goes off track, you retain your information product to refer to later.
Whether you are looking for a specific tool in a niche area of Internet Marketing or systems you can follow, you can dramatically increase your odds of success by using one of our products or services. Click on Read More, to find out more details.

Marketing Services
    Business and Marketing Services Help Entrepreneurs:

  • Know their market. By being in touch with the needs of your market, you’ll save money, and earn more. Not only that but you’ll be more accurately meeting needs.
  • Increase your leads and revenue.
  • Have someone to rely on. Having a coach and a friend who you can bounce ideas off, who’s been there – is pure gold. It’s lonely at the top and every entrepreneur feels that acutely at some time or another.
Many “so-called” IM Coaches are simply going to give you a call per week, or a webinar. That is not what coaching is – although it can take place in a group setting. NLP is a pre-req for a real coach and helps you make the changes you want to make in your own life. Click on Read More to find out in more detail the ways we help business owners.

Internet Marketing Education and Training Read more… Watch Video
Education and Training
    Whether you’re just starting out, or just want to learn a new skill:

  • Learn at your own pace. All of our courses are self-paced. That means you can stop and go as you wish.
  • Learn where it’s convenient. Want to listen to a course while at the gym? How about while your caught in traffic? We strive to deliver our content in a multitude of ways and care about how convenient it is for you to use it.
  • Keep up to date. The internet is changing business and business is changing fast. Competition is more nimble so leaders and entrepreneurs have to be on the cutting edge of innovation, whether it’s in technology or leadership skills.
Some times you just want a weekly tip or trick, others you may need weekly lessons, and still others you may want to get results fast – and get schooled up day by day.

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